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    Echinodorus uruguayensis Arechav.

    Echinodorus uruguayensis Arechav.


    Basionym of  : Aquarius uruguayensis (Arechav.) Christenh. & Byng


    Echinodorus grandiflorus var. pusillus Micheli

    Echinodorus martii var. uruguayensis (Arechav.) Hauman

    Echinodorus osiris Rataj

    Echinodorus horemanii Rataj

    Echinodorus uruguayensis var. minor Kasselm.

    Echinodorus pellucidus Rataj

    Echinodorus portoalegrensis Rataj

    Echinodorus viridis Rataj

    Echinodorus barthii H.Mühlberg

    Echinodorus opacus Rataj

    heterotypic synonym : Echinodorus aschersonianus Graebn.

    Geographical distribution Confirmed occurrences: North (Tocantins) Central-West (Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso) Southeast (Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo) South (Parané, Rio Grande do Sul) Phytogeographic domains Atlantic rainforest Vegetation type Aquatic vegetation[1]

    Rosette with ribbon-like leaves Plant color: light green Optional: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquariums from 50 cm additional fertilization recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus uruguayensis Arech - natural appearance. Geographical distribution: from southern Brazil via the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul to Uruguay and Argentina, where the vast majority of known collections originate (especially the state of Missiones). There is a single known find in Chile (state of La Upion). Echinodorus uruguayensis Arech develops light green leaves with short or long petioles, depending on the lighting (long or short daylight hours) and reproduces very slowly - due to the daughter plants formed on the stems.[2]

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