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    Echinodorus uruguayensis var. minor Kasselm.

    Echinodorus uruguayensis var. minor Kasselm.


    Origin / Breeder : heterotypic synonym of: Echinodorus uruguayensis Arechav.

    Origin: South America, Amazon basin and Orinoco Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: light green Additionally: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquariums from 50 cm Additional fertilization recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus uruguayensis var. minor is a form of Echinodorus uruguayensis. Echinodorus uruguayensis is very variable and has many different forms. They differ in color, length and width of the leaves, size of the bush. The role of Echinodorus uruguayensis plays a major role in obtaining many hybrids of Echinodorus - it is used as one of the parents. Echinodorus uruguayensis var. minor is a representative of Echinodorus uruguayensis. It has light green leaves, quite broad, young leaves are translucent. It is not difficult in cultivation, there are no special requirements for keeping conditions.[1]

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