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    Helanthium bolivianum Angustifolius

    Helanthium bolivianum Angustifolius


    Schmalblättrige Schwertpflanze

    heterotypic synonym of : Helanthium bolivianum (Rusby) Lehtonen & Myllys

    Unlike other Helanthium species, this plant is tall with very narrow leaf blades.

    The growth height can be up to 50cm and is very reminiscent of Vallisneria nana. With

    very strong lighting, planting in the middle ground is also possible. The overwater form is

    much shorter and resembles very much other Helanthium varieties. Only after a few weeks in the aquarium

    the true size and beauty of this graceful plant becomes apparent. Nutrient-rich substrate

    and regular iron fertilization promote vigorous growth.[1]

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