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    Echinodorus isthmicus Fassett

    Echinodorus isthmicus Fassett


    Synonym of: Helanthium bolivianum (Rusby) Lehtonen & Myllys

    The height of Echinodorus isthmicus is 10 - 20 cm This is a perennial herb with a thickened rhizome that grows in nature mainly in swamp conditions. The aquatic form of the plant has narrow lanceolate leaves on a very short petiole, leaf length up to 20 cm, width up to 1 cm It reproduces vegetatively from the rhizome and from dormant leaf buds on flower whorls. It develops well at a temperature of 20-30°C in water of medium hardness with a neutral pH under moderate or strong light. The soil for planting in a pot should consist of equal parts leaf soil or peat and sand. Sprinkle the top of the pot with normal aquarium soil to prevent nutrients from being washed out. Each bush very quickly forms 2 - 3 whiskers on which young plants appear. Such a whisker with 2 - 3 daughter plants can be separated and planted in a new location.[1]

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