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    Echinodorus Rubin var. lancifolius

    Echinodorus Rubin var. lancifolius


    Rubin Narrow Leaf" (or "Rubin Narrow Leaves", 'Rubin' var. lancifolius or 'Rubin' compact)

    narrow-leaved form of Echinodorus Rubin, smaller. The natural growth height is 15 - 30 cm, the underwater leaf blades on the leaf stalk are up to 10 cm, up to 20 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, bright brownish-reddish and lighter veined than in the original form. The smaller and narrow-leaved Echinodorus Rubin is ideal for small aquaria. Bright, ruby-red leaves with light veins give the plant a special charm. Reproduction by division of the rhizome[1][2]

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