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    Echinodorus Rubin


    Origin' / Breeder : Hans Barth, Dessau[1]

    Echinodorus Rubin grows up to 60 cm high in an aquarium, but with plenty of food the shrub can reach a meter high with a leaf width of 7-9 cm. The color varies greatly depending on the conditions in the aquarium and can be brownish-red or wine-red. The old leaves are green. Light network of yellowish longitudinal and transverse veins. The leaf blade is elongated, the petiole is short. The petiole of submerged leaves is 5 - 10 cm, the leaf blade is very narrowly elliptical, 15 - 35 cm long, 3 - 5 cm wide, leathery. Young leaves are more or less rich reddish brown, later dark olive green. The apex is pointed or bluntly pointed, the base is pointed. The leaf edge is slightly wavy. It has up to 5 light green veins that start from the central vein. The inflorescence rises above the leaves, with numerous flower whorls and daughter plants. Echinodorus Rubin is a large specimen for spacious aquaria, easy to care for. Its cultivation causes no complications in both soft and hard, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline water. Medium lighting and unwashed sand are sufficient for optimum care. Propagation takes place both by daughter plants on inflorescences and by division of the rhizome.[2]

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