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    Echinodorus Brown Pattern

    Echinodorus Brown Pattern


    This variety was recorded during the selection of seedlings of the section Uruguayensii. It stood out for its brown-green color. The brown color is concentrated along the transverse veins of the leaves, forming a distinctive pattern on the leaves. The ribbon-shaped leaves have only short petioles. They are quite wide in cross-section, about 3.5 cm. Although it is rather medium-sized compared to related cultivars, it is a vigorous specimen plant. Its beauty stands out especially when viewed up close against a background of light green plants. Since it is a recent cultivar, one can only hope that this color variety will remain sufficiently stable under the normal conditions of aquarium practice. Sufficient propagation of the variety is our task for this year. (Written - Spring 2001.)

    According to a Czech site from 2001

    Color variant of Echinodorus uruguayensis Arechav.