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    Helanthium Tenellum Broad Leaf

    Helanthium Tenellum Broad Leaf


    Origin / Breeder : Fa. Dennerle Plants, Vinningen

    We found this grassy beauty on our Florida Plantahunter tour in the winter of 2012. At first glance it looks very similar to Helanthium tenellum (old name: Echinodorus tenellus ) and is easy to confuse. The difference is in the leaf color and leaf width, and the growth height also appears to be slightly less. We have named this plant 'Broad Leaf' because of the leaf blades that are up to 2.5mm wide. The leaf color remains bright medium green and can therefore be combined well with colored plants such as Hygrophila pinnatifida. The care requirements are comparable to the normal Helanthium tenellum. The lawn formation is also promoted here by a strong pruning.[1].

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