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    Echinodorus tunicatus Small

    Echinodorus tunicatus Smallv


    Origin / Breeder : Basionym of : Aquarius tunicatus (Small) Christenh. & Byng

    Panama sword plant scientific name Echinodorus tunicatus. As the name suggests, the plant originates from Panama and Costa Rica. However, the natural distribution area is not limited to Central America. The plant can also be found in the north of South America. It grows in shallow waters with muddy substrates and prefers well-lit areas. The plant has been known to science for more than 100 years, but the first specimens were only brought to Europe from Ecuador in 2004. Since then it has been gradually appearing in the aquarium trade. However, due to its similarity to another closely related species, Echinodorus horizontalis, which has long been cultivated in home aquaria, it cannot always be accurately identified. The leaves of both species are oval with a pointed tip. The surface of the leaf blade is smooth with a pattern of thin veins. Echinodorus Panama is characterized by a denser arrangement of leaves in a rosette and a flower stalk that does not grow higher than the leaves and has a relatively small number of flowers. Echinodorus, on the other hand, has a horizontal flower stalk that is tall and thick with numerous flowers on a whorl. It can grow completely under water as well as in warm, humid greenhouses. Its ideal environment is swamps. When growing, it is desirable to provide a soft, nutritious soil, acidic soft water and good lighting.[1]

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