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    Echinodorus subalatus (Mart.) Griseb.

    Echinodorus subalatus (Mart.) Griseb.


    Geflügelte Schwertpflanze

    Basionym of : Aquarius subulatus (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Christenh. & Byng


    Echinodorus subalatus var. minor F.J.Mey.

    Echinodorus martii var. major Micheli

    Echinodorus ellipticus (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Micheli

    Echinodorus subalatus (Mart.) Griseb. subsp. subalatus

    Echinodorus subalatus subsp. andrieuxii (Hook. & Arn.) R.R.Haynes & Holm-Niels.

    Echinodorus martii Micheli

    Echinodorus andrieuxii (Hook. & Arn.) Small

    Echinodorus intermedius (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Griseb.

    Echinodorus andrieuxii var. longistylus (Buchenau) Rataj

    Echinodorus ellipticus var. ovatus Micheli

    Echinodorus gabrielii Rataj

    Echinodorus andrieuxii var. andrieuxii

    Alisma intermedium Mart. ex Schult.f.

    Alisma subalatum var. minus Schult. & Schult.f.

    Alisma subalatum var. majus Schult. & Schult.f.

    Alisma andrieuxii Hook. & Arn.

    Alisma subalatum Mart. ex Schult.f.

    Alisma subalatum var. medium Schult. & Schult.f.

    Sagittaria palifolia var. subalata (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Kuntze

    1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Kostiantyn Loboda, Black Water
    2. Echinodorus subalatus (Mart. ex Schult.f.) Griseb. Observed in Brazil by Breno Figueiredo (licensed under