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    Echinodorus sp. Keryukeon Sao Miguel

    Echinodorus sp. Keryukeon Sao Miguel


    Echinodorus sp . Keryukeon Sao Miguel is one of the newest representatives of the wild, i.e. wild collection of Echinodorus. It was first found in Argentina in October 2006 on the banks of a small river near the town of Sao Miguel de Tucumán. Echinodorus sp. Keryukeon Sao Miguel looks different from Opacus and Saturn. It has broad-lanceolate leaves, the leaf end is pointed. Color - emerald green. Young leaves are not the very last, but several at a time are translucent. The veins are lighter, stand out in relief. The texture of the leaf clearly distinguishes it from other Echinodorus. The leaf is very hard, as if glassy, much harder than that of Echinodorus opacus, although it resembles the Saturns of Echinodorus sp. Saturn. Edik Montai was a great lover and collector of savages, he gradually gathered information about them. So he kept Echinodorus sp. Keryukeon from Sao Miguel is one of the most interesting and unusual. Echinodorus sp. Keryukeon Sao Miguel is a rare Echinodorus. The growth rate among the wild ones is average. Reproduces rarely, daughter plants on the rhizome.[1]

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