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    Echinodorus sp. Iguacu 2009 (Argentina)

    Echinodorus sp. Iguacu 2009 (Argentina)


    Origin:South America, Amazon basin and Orinoco

    Plant type:Rosellate with oval leavesPlant color:Dark greenDescription:Suitable for aquariums over 50 cm, recommended supplementary fertilizer, medium light, strong lightDescription:Echinodorus sp. Saturn Iguacu 2009 'Argentina' is a very unusual and perhaps the most sought-after Echinodorus by all collectors. The first mentions on the internet appeared on Chinese and Japanese websites. The photos are impressive, there has never been anything like it. But the price was reasonable.However, in our collection, it appeared in 2012, we received advice on placing Echinodorus sp. Saturn Iguacu 2009 'Argentina' in the aquarium from Edik Montai.It turned out that Echinodorus sp. Saturn Iguacu 2009 'Argentina' in the content is quite simple - carbon dioxide supply, water of medium hardness and not high water temperature. You had to experiment with the soil. When using ADA, everything went well at first, but then growth and development slowed down. Planted in the nutrient mixture, Echinodorus sp. Saturn Iguacu 2009 'Argentina' came to life and was even able to reproduce.[1]

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