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    Echinodorus sp. Estansia from Argentina

    Echinodorus sp. Estansia from Argentina


    Maximum height: 20 cm

    A rare, collectable Echinodorus from Argentina. As with all Opacus and Saturns, the growth rate is not high. A plant with very stiff, not large leaves that reach a height of 10 - 15 cm. The leaf is dark green, very textured, lanceolate and merges into a very stiff petiole. The leaf plate is 8-12 cm long and 3-4 cm wide. The leaf tip is rounded. Rhizome creeping, grows faster than other Saturn species, along the ground. Living conditions, like most Echinodorus, Echinodorus estancia requires a rich but not acidic soil and strong light, does not respond poorly to the addition of peat, clay, proprietary nutrient soil. It does not like young, newly started aquariums, or rather empty plants. In terms of water, E. Estansia from Argentina is not demanding and feels comfortable in a fairly wide range of parameters. There are no known cases where propagation by shoots or even seeds is possible, the available propagation method is division of the rhizome. The mother plant often dies after such a procedure and its growth is stopped for several months. [1]

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