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    Echinodorus sellowianus Buchenau

    Echinodorus sellowianus Buchenau


    Origin / Breeder : heterotypic synonym of: Echinodorus longiscapus Arechav.

    Echinodorus sellowianus has a dense rosette of large, slightly wavy, light green oval leaves and a strong root system. The height of the bush usually does not exceed 25 cm, at the age of one year plants can form large floating leaves as well as upright leaves. In this case, the height of the bush can reach 70 - 80 cm Echinodorus sellowianus can be kept in large and medium-sized aquariums by placing it closer to the background. Water parameters for optimum plant care: hardness not below 4 - 6 °, pH 6 - 8, temperature 22 - 26 ° C. Filtration and weekly changes of up to 25 - 30 % of the water volume are required. The lighting for Echinodorus sellowianus is of great importance, especially the length of daylight hours. With a day length of 8-10 hours and bright lighting, the bushes are usually undersized and form a dense rosette of leaves. With an increase in daylight hours to 12 hours or more, Echinodorus forms large leaves that rise above the water surface. Fluorescent lamps of type LB with an output of approx. 0.5 W per 1 liter volume are well suited for artificial lighting. The soil for Echinodorus sellowianus is nutritious. It is essential to add clay or silt from the old aquarium to the new soil under the roots of the plant. A substrate of any particle size is suitable as a substrate. The thickness of the soil layer should be at least 7 cm Echinodorus sellowianus flowers at the age of about one year, but the seeds usually do not germinate. Many daughter plants appear on the flowering shoots. Separate them after the formation of 4 - 5 leaves and root lobes. If you press the flowering shoot against the bottom of the aquarium, the daughter plants will root easily and grow quickly.[1]

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