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    Echinodorus schlueteri Rataj

    Echinodorus schlueteri Rataj


    Synonym of : Echinodorus cordifolius (L.) Griseb.

    Echinodorus Schlueteri was imported from the Brazilian nursery Lotus Osiris. It is a medium-sized marsh plant, 25 cm high, petiole up to 20 cm, leaf blade narrow-ovate or ovate, up to 16 cm long, up to 10 cm wide, with a pointed or elongated tip and a heart-shaped rounded base. The leaf edge is even or slightly rounded. The color ranges from light green to neutral green, the underwater plate is slightly brownish red with more or less intense light brown spots. Has 5 - 9 veins, transparent lines and distinct dots. Echinodorus Schlutera optimally combines decorative appearance, uncomplicated cultivation, rapid propagation and also adapts extremely quickly to different living conditions. Good growth rates are achieved in soft to medium-hard water with a pH value of 7 - 8. The nutrient-rich soil stimulates the formation of a strong root system and thus enables good nutrient uptake. Plants develop well on pure gravel soil. The plant develops better at low temperatures than at high temperatures. Echinodorus Schlutera is intensively propagated by daughter plants on inflorescences that regularly form on the plant.[1][2]

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