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    Echinodorus major (Micheli) Rataj

    Echinodorus major (Micheli) Rataj


    Origin / Breeder : Basionym of : Aquarius major (Micheli) Christenh. & Byng

    The plant originates from the eastern states of Brazil (South America), where it grows in the beds of shallow streams and rivers. It has been used to decorate aquariums since the 1950s, but for a long time was known by various names that were considered to be separate species. The Danish botanist Laurits Holm-Nielsen suggested in 1994 that Echinodorus intermedius, Echinodorus martii and Echinodorus major are the same plant. In 2006, botanist Jozef Somogyi confirmed his colleague's suggestion. These names can still be found on the market and are considered synonymous. In the USA it is known under the brand name Echinodorus leopoldina.the plant lives up to its name and grows up to 60 cm under favorable conditions.Echinodorus large forms a large bush of long lanceolate leaves gathered in a rosette. The leaf blade has wavy edges. The color is pale green. It can grow both under water and in the air. In the air, the plant forms large flowering shoots on which many new shoots develop. Fully submerged in water, it retains its original shape without forming floating or aerial leaves, for which it is prized in the aquarium hobby. Due to its size, it is only suitable for large aquariums where it is used in front of a medium or background. It can also grow in paludariums and humid greenhouses. Not fussy about conditions. Normal growth requires warm water, moderate to bright light and a nutritious substrate.[1]

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