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    Echinodorus emersus Lehtonen

    Echinodorus emersus Lehtonen


    Basionym von : Aquarius emersus (Lehtonen) Christenh. & Byng

    Described as a new species by Samuli Lehtonen in 2009

    Translation of the first description

    Echinodorus emersus Lehtonen sp. nov. echinodori

    similar to a coarse rataj, but differs by a small number of inflorescences;

    flowers stalkless, normal petals scattered (not recurved) and glandular fruits. Type.

    Peru: Loreto, Alto Amazonas, Río Pastaza, Sungachicocha,

    03°42′27.1″S, 79°28′05.7″W, elev. 170 m, July 29

    2003, Lehtonen 139 (holotype AMAZ!; isotype TUR!).[1]

    1. An Integrative Approach to Species Delimitation in Echinodorus Samuli Lehtonen 2009