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    Echinodorus cordifolius harbich red

    Echinodorus cordifolius harbich red


    Origin / Breeder : Hybride

    German / Trade Name : Rötlicher Froschlöffel

    Echinodorus Harbich Red is an artificially bred hybrid. Echinodorus Harbich Red is a fast-growing plant that is planted in the ground. It has stalked leaves and a shortened stem. The leaf plate is oval, up to 10 cm wide, up to 20 cm long, with smooth or slightly wavy edges. The base is heart-shaped. The tip is rounded or sharp, hard. The leaf plate is colored from light green to deep green, sometimes with reddish-brown spots. In addition to the main vein (depending on leaf size), 2 to 6 lateral veins extend from the base of the leaf plate (the inner 2 veins extend to the tip, the rest to the margin). The plant forms a flowering shoot. In length Echinodorus Harbich Red can reach 80 cm, there is a dwarf form of this plant up to 30 cm high, which does not grow out of water. For keeping Echinodorus Harbich Red, a spacious and deep aquarium is needed. In open aquariums and long daylight hours (over 11 hours), the plant grows quickly above water and forms flower shoots. To prevent the leaves from drying out, you need to constantly spray them with water. To avoid this and get long only underwater leaves, the daylight hours are reduced to 8 hours. Aquarium with Echinodorus Harbich red should be brightly lit. For this purpose, fluorescent lamps type LB with a power of 0.4-0.5 W per 1 liter of water are used. Darkening the plant tolerates very poorly. Water parameters for the content of Echinodorus Harbich Red: hardness 8-16 °, pH not less than 6.8, temperature 22-26 ° C. It tolerates a drop in temperature to 12 ° C for 2-3 weeks, as well as a rise to 28 ° C, but at the same time requires a rest period at a temperature of 18-20 ° C twice a year for 1- 1.5 months. The soil must be slightly sandy. In the soil saturated with humus, the roots begin to rot. To prevent this, it is useful to add clay and charcoal under the roots. Echinodorus Harbich Red reproduces by daughter plants and seeds. After flowering, daughter plants are formed on the flowering shoot and the flowering shoot is immersed in water. After the formation of several leaves and root lobes, the plants are separated from the mother shrub and transplanted into the common ground. They grow and develop rapidly even in less favorable conditions. In a humid greenhouse seeds can be obtained from one plant, but their germination is low. After maturity, they are sown in shallow containers with garden soil and peat and sand additives, filled with water and brightly lit. It is better to keep the air temperature at a level of 24-28 ° C. In the paludarium Echinodorus Harbich Red grows much better than in the aquarium, grows much larger and blooms earlier.[1]

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