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    Echinodorus cordifolius harbich green

    Echinodorus cordifolius harbich green


    This rare sword plant is said to be an Echinodorus cordifolius cultivar with firm, green, oval leaves that can grow up to approx. 30 cm tall!

    Echinodorus cordifolius Harbich is a dwarf variety that is rare in the hobby. Its bright green leaves are large and oval, making it an absolutely beautiful plant that can be a very striking part of the aquascape. It can even thrive in simple aquariums with moderate to strong lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate!

    It is very easy to care for. This plant benefits from CO2 supplementation, but does not need it. Although it thrives in strong lighting, it is also very long-lived and can thrive in moderate lighting. It requires a nutrient-rich substrate for its extensive root structure. It produces very large leaves and must therefore be planted with care so that it does not cast too much shade on other plants as it grows. It is certainly only suitable as a background plant in smaller aquaria, but can also be placed in the middle ground of larger aquaria. Harbich's sword reproduces both by rhizome division and by the formation of side shoots, which can be removed and replanted. It is very intolerant of copper, so you should bear this in mind when using tap water in your aquarium.