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    Echinodorus Yenisei


    Origin / Breeder : Pjotr Kovalev Kras-Aqua, Krasnojarsk

    Flower stems grow above the water surface to a length of approx. 60-80 cm. It has 4-5 flowers. The flowering period of the stem under water is longer. Young plants grow on flower whorls. A well-developed root system has white, thread-like roots. Leaves from the original oval shape are elongated. Young leaves are closer to the center, old ones are longer. Young leaves are yellow-green with red-brown veins. Old green leaf with green-brown spot, five longitudinal veins. Leaf blades are 5-15 cm long and 2-6 cm wide and grow on short petioles. Growing: Plants grow well in water with a hardness of 8-12 ° and a pH of 6.8-7.4, 26-28 ° C and good light 12-14 hours a day. Under these conditions, it can grow within six months from seedlings a few centimeters high to a beautiful flowering specimen about 50 cm tall that has sprouted young shoots of a growing inflorescence. The water needs to be partially renewed once a week, CO2 promotes growth.

    Echinodorus with a very tough leaf. Feels like plastic. The young leaf can be almost black in color. I have not grown more than 45-50 cm. It shoots readily and gives root babies which (if not separated) can be the same as the mother liquor. The contents are not whimsical.[1]

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