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    Echinodorus Verticalis

    Echinodorus Verticalis


    Echinodorus Verticalis is a small plant with oval leaves that usually does not exceed 20 cm in height, is unpretentious and widely used by hobbyists. It grows evenly all year round in the aquarium. This Echinodorus can be successfully grown in tropical and moderately warm aquaria. It needs clean, regularly changed water. It should be placed in the front and middle plan of the aquarium, the volume and depth of which do not play a significant role. Lighting can be moderate or strong. Moderately silty soil is preferable. It must be regularly vacuumed with a funnel. It is advisable to place a lump of clay in the new soil under the roots of Echinodorus. The root system of this plant is small. The thickness of the soil layer is 4 - 5 cm When changing the water, mineral complex fertilizers with microelements should be applied. In an aquarium, this Echinodorus reproduces vegetatively. It forms flowering shoots on which buds form, but flowers do not normally open. Instead, 2 - 3 daughter plants form at the ends of the whiskers.[1]

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