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    Echinodorus Uruguayensis Tricolor

    Echinodorus Uruguayensis Tricolor


    Origin / Breeder : Karel Rataj, Czech Republic

    Echinodorus tricolor is an artificially bred hybrid of the Uruguayan Echinodorus, which differs from the original species in the size and color of its leaves. New leaves are slightly reddish and blotchy, the blotches take on a golden hue over time, older leaves become darker and greener. The veins are lighter, hence the name - "tricolor". Echinodorus tricolor reaches a height of 40 cm and forms a beautiful rosette of leaves. The length of the leaf blade corresponds approximately to the length of the leaf stalk, which is around 20 cm; old leaves are dark green, young ones are reddish. There is an indistinct longitudinal banding on the leaf blade, which plays a central role in the name of the species. Echinodorus tricolor is ideal for a medium-sized aquarium. It can also be used near the back wall, although it should be noted that the leaves are spread over a fairly large area. It is desirable to plant shade-tolerant species underneath. Echinodorus tricolor is not a demanding plant, it does well even in low light. In very soft water, the edges of the leaf blade can turn yellow and deteriorate, which is characteristic of all members of the genus. It loves nutrient-rich soil and clay balls or special soil fertilizers can be used as a top.[1]


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