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    Echinodorus Ulug-Hem


    Origin / Breeder : Pjotr Kovalev Kras-Aqua, Krasnojarsk

    Rosette with oval leaves Plant color: greenish-red Additional: suitable for beginners, additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus Ulug-Hem is a hybrid breed in a nurseryKras-aqua Krasnoyarsk by Petr Kovalev. Echinodorus Ulug-Hem is quite interesting. The leaves are attractively rounded, young leaves are almost red in good light, then brown and then green. Easily spoil the impression of the petioles on the leaves, they are long. The keeping conditions are not difficult, only in intense light the color becomes lighter. The growth rate is average.

    According to the author: The hybrid was created a long time ago, in 1995. Parents - mom Ech. lohgiscapus, dad Ech. Barthi, at that time it was called Ech. osisris double red. It was initially rejected because of its size, like many of its other brothers. BV was saved. Panyukov, who convinced me that beautiful plants should not be thrown away just because of their size. And Boris Vasilyevich argued with iron, he said, but look at the height of the aquariums popular with the "birdie", 70 - 80 cm, and the meter is far from unusual. In short, I was convinced. And the name of the hybrid was given in honor of the river in my homeland. Ulug-Khem is the name of the Yenisei in Kysyl (Tuva).[1]

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