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    Echinodorus ToKali


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: brown Additional: suitable for beginners recommended additional fertilization, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus 'ToKali' is a new Echinodorus. As the name suggests, it is named after the talented breeder, the author of many, many wonderful Tomas Kaliebe hybrids. Echinodorus 'ToKali' is very individual and can easily be distinguished from other hybrids. The general color is greenish-brown. Young leaves have the color of milk chocolate, older ones are darker and turn green with time. In young leaves the veins are slightly lighter than the leaf itself, in older leaves the veins are white. But the main feature that distinguishes Echinodorus 'ToKali' from other Echinodorus is the structure of the leaf, or rather the shape of the leaf base. The leaf stalk expands and merges very smoothly into the leaf blade. It grows quite quickly, it is not difficult in terms of keeping conditions.[1]

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