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    Echinodorus The Martian Chronicles

    Echinodorus The Martian Chronicles


    Die Mars-Chroniken

    Origin / Breeder : Kermit Utakovich

    In post-Soviet aquaristics, it has already become a good tradition to give "colorful" names to new Echinodorus species. And fortunately for the average aquarist many names inspired by Soviet and foreign films, cartoons, books, the atmosphere of goodwill and nostalgia for the country that united many peoples of our country, called the Soviet Union. Some titles were inspired by fantasy stories by foreign authors, which were very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, a novel, or rather a collection of stories linked by a common idea, the novel The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, was very popular. I don't know what Victor*, better known in aquarium circles as Kermit Utakovich, was inspired by, but the name he gave his hybrid couldn't be more appropriate.

    Tiny, can be planted in nano aquariums. The length of the leaf with the petiole of a full-grown plant is no more than 15 centimeters. The leaves of a single shrub can be strikingly different from each other, the photo shows the same shrub. Despite its advanced age, the mother plant continues to sprout leaves that it has never seen before. The coloration is highly indeterminate. Many of the leaves are asymmetrical along their long axis. The shape of the leaf resembles a spearhead or a double bass or carved oak leaves. In bright light the petioles and leaves are almost the same size, while in moderate light the petioles grow to 10-12 cm and the leaves to 2-3 cm. It propagates by cuttings on the shoots. [1]

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