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    Echinodorus Tanzende Feuerfeder

    Echinodorus Tanzende Feuerfeder


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: greenish-red pigmentation of part of the leaf plate Additionally: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquariums from 50 cm . It was bred by Tomas Kaliebe. It came onto the market in 2002. Named after the eponymous dance group Tanzende Feuerfeder, which consists of the fire department of the Barnim district in Brandenburg. It can grow underwater as well as in humid greenhouses and paludariums, but it still looks most impressive in aquariums. It grows up to 70 cm tall, which should be taken into account when choosing this plant and its location. The plant has large leaves on long petioles that are collected in a rosette. The elliptical leaf blade is up to 30 cm long and about 7 cm wide. The color of the leaves is olive green with a pattern of irregular red spots. Apparently, the swaying of the red leaves in the water somehow reminded Thomas Kaliebe of the flaming tongues of a local dance group. Due to its size, it is only suitable for large aquariums. Echinodorus Dancing Fire Feather shows its best colors in soft, nutritious soil and moderate light conditions. The hydrochemical composition of the water is irrelevant. The plant adapts perfectly to a wide range of pH and dGH values. The main thing is that the fluctuations do not occur abruptly.[1][2]

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