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    Echinodorus TSK


    Echinodorus TSK (Genosse Senior Red Navy Matrose)

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Description from the author's words: Such a rather interesting non-commercial Echinodorus. The first photo on the left shows it in general detail. Its leaves are lanceolate, glossy-matt, dense and flexible, the length of the leaf blade is up to 25 cm, the width up to 7, the length of the petiole up to 10 cm, in young leaves orange to crimson, on older leaves brown with red veins and olive with purple veins. Darker cross veins appear with increasing age. It reproduces reluctantly, does not give basilar roots, if a flower shoot appears then it is not a fact that daughter plants will be on it. Sometimes this flower shoot remains a sterile vichy. But daughter plants readily climb out of the cut stump. It grows steadily, does not slip anywhere, looks good when illuminated by a combination of "Flora" lamps with 830 and 765 Osram.[1]

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