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    Echinodorus Supreme Landscaper

    Echinodorus Supreme Landscaper


    Echinodorus "Supreme Gardener"

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: bright green Additionally: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquariums over 50 cm Additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting. I. Filippov considers Echinodorus the Supreme Landscaper to be one of his most successful hybrids. And this is not for nothing. This Echinodorus stands out with a bright emerald green color of the leaves. And a young leaf, or more likely several leaves at once, have a generally indescribable whitish tint, and these leaves are translucent. A very striking plant. In the content of Echinodorus the Supreme Landscaper is not capricious, after planting it gets used to new conditions for some time and then begins to give new leaves one after the other.

    Echinodorus the Supreme Landscaper is a remarkable beauty hybrid. The total height of the bush does not exceed 35 cm, the width is about 30 cm The leaf plate is about 20 cm, lanceolate, about 5 - 6 cm wide The texture of the leaves is leathery, dense, shiny, not wetted with water, elastic. The petiole is short, no more than 10 cm, there are notches on the edges of the petiole that can be easily felt by hand. With insufficient lighting, the petioles become noticeably longer and the bush itself grows taller. The bush is multi-leaved, very dense. The plant is quite strong, takes root very quickly and begins to gain leaf mass. Young leaves are transparent, older ones become dark and translucent. The leaf veins are remarkable. At first they have the same color as the leaf, then the leaf darkens, but the color of the veins does not change.

    of the veins does not change. Reproduction by daughter plants on flowering shoots and root suckers.

    Description from the author's words: One of the most beautiful green Echinodorus I have seen, and I have seen many of them. It is armed with everything that can be described as super: The texture of the leaves is leathery, dense, glossy, not wet with water, elastic. Leaves up to 20 cm long, broad-lanceolate, up to 8 cm wide, petiole 5-7 cm long, fleshy, with thorns on the edges (if you run your fingers over the petiole, it feels like a nail file). The bush is multi-leaved, very dense. The color of the young leaves and daughter plants on the flowering shoots is light green, almost acidic. At the bazaar, these daughter plants bounce off like hot cakes. Gives daughter plants easily from the root and shoots. Eh is not tense at all, Hardy. Just the kindest words.[1]

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