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    Echinodorus Simply Round

    Echinodorus Simply Round


    Origin / Breeder : unknown

    Plant type: rosette broad-leaved Plant color: dark brown red color of young leaves Additional: suitable for beginners, suitable for nano aquariums, additional fertilization recommended, medium lighting Description: Echinodorus 'Simply Round', unknown origin, found in our collection in one of the shipments of a wholesale company called Echinodorus "Rubin x Narrow Leavs" - Narrow Leaved Rubin. Long growth and development in the greenhouse dry. Even then, striking differences and inconsistencies with their name were visible. But when we removed the young plants from the flowering shoots and planted them under water, it was finally clear that this was a new Echinodorus. None of the hybrids in our collection has such an almost round leaf shape. Its color is also striking - brick-red leaves, a young leaf is red, old leaves darken, it bears many leaves. And above all, the size of the plant is pleasing - no more than 12 ... 14 cm in adulthood.[1]

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