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    Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya

    Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Plant type: Rosette with oval leaves Plant color: light brown

    Description: Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya is a hybrid created by Igor Filippov. On the website the author himself gives a description of his idea. Quite compact Echinodorus. It got its name from the color of the leaves, the color of a soldier's coat of the Soviet army. Its leaves are oblong-oval, up to 20 cm long, with a width of up to 8, the petiole is short, up to 5 cm, not noticeable. The texture of the leaves is quite dense, their surface is matte. The number of leaves on a bush, probably 20 pcs. The color of the young leaves is variable and depends on the conditions and the UDO, from dirty orange to raspberry beige. The point of attachment of the petiole to the leaf is decorated with a red spot. It reproduces reluctantly, because all the time there was a single flower shoot with a single baby, it was necessary to cut the rhizome. It is completely unpretentious to the keeping conditions, does not come out of the water. Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya appeared in our collection relatively recently. I got used to it for some time, changed all the leaves, grew a new root system and took root. Externally, Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya fully corresponds to the author's description. But it shows a certain instability in development, the growth of the bush can proceed normally, but suddenly it stops and the plant begins to shrink. Lighting does not have a great influence on its development, its greenish-olive brown color remains even at medium illumination. As it turned out, the reason for this behavior of Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya is the lack of food. Moreover, both in the soil and the lack of trace elements in the water. If you keep these values constantly under control, you can get a beautiful, powerful Echinodorus Shnelya-Shinelya, wait for the flowering sprout and get young plants.[1]

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