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    Echinodorus Reni


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Echinodorus Reni, An artificially bred variety based on Echinodorus ocelot and another hybrid of Echinodorus Big Bear. Bred in 2003 at ZooLogiCa nursery (Altlandsberg, Germany) by breeder Thomas Kaliebe. The plant forms a compact bush of leaves collected in a rosette. Under favorable conditions, the bush can grow up to 40 cm tall and 15-25 cm wide, the height is largely determined by the size of the aquarium. In large tanks it is large, in small tanks compact, so it can be used both in the foreground and background. Leaf blades are long and broad (up to 8 cm) linear in shape. Petioles up to 10 cm Young leaves are reddish-brown to red beet color. The old ones lose their red tones and turn green. Echinodorus Reni is rather capricious when fully grown. For the plant to show its best colors, it needs a lot of light and additional nutrients (fertilizers), while the hydrochemical composition of the water and temperature have no significant knowledge.[1]

    Cross between 'Big Bear' and 'Ocelot'[2] varieties.

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