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    Echinodorus Regine Hildebrandt

    Echinodorus Regine Hildebrandt


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: purple, red color of young leaves Additional: suitable for beginners, additional fertilization is recommended, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus 'Regine Hildebrandt' - Echinodorus intense burgundy color. An excellent and undemanding hybrid between Echinodorus 'Ocelot' and Echinodorus 'Little Bear'. Named after the late politician Dr. Regina Hildebrandt. The first presentation was in 2001 near Potsdam, awarded the gold medal of the Central Association of German Gardeners. For Echinodorus 'Regine Hildebrandt' to grow and develop well, it must be placed as a solitary in a non-shaded place, because only in bright light you can get burgundy leaves, and young leaves have an intense burgundy color, the older ones are dark green with burgundy veins and cuttings. Echinodorus 'Regine Hildebrandt' is not picky about temperature and water quality. The nutrient substrate is important, it stimulates growth. If there is a lack of trace elements, the leaves become pale, which indicates the need for feeding. Echinodorus 'Regine Hildebrandt' is a medium-sized plant, but under strong light and nutrient medium specimens can be obtained up to 30 cm in height, while the leaf plate can reach 15 cm long and 6 cm wide. Propagated by daughter plants on stems, as well as by shoots on the rhizome.[1]

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