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    Echinodorus Red Wild Grass

    Echinodorus Red Wild Grass


    Echinodorus Red Wild Grass is a rosette plant that grows up to 20 cm tall in the foreground or midground. In bright light, the leaves are brightly colored from deep red young leaves to green.

    Like almost all Echinodorus, Echinodorus Red Wild Grass grows best due to the abundant supply of macro and micronutrients from the substrate. Strong lighting enhances the intense coloration of the submerged foliage. Water values are of secondary importance. CO2 feeding is not always necessary, but it does promote growth. Optimum temperatures are between 22 and 28 °C. Echinodorus Red Wild Grass with a pleasant pink-green color looks very decorative as a single plant or a small group in the middle of the aquarium. Its small size of approx. 20 cm allows it to be used as a single plant in small tanks.

    As part of the Echinodorus family from South America, Echinodorus Red Wild Grass is a beautiful foreground plant that grows up to 20 cm tall. In sufficiently strong light, the leaves show bright shades of red and green. The shape of the leaves becomes slightly elongated and remains very attractive. Why not try planting it between rocks or tying it to a tree to make your aquarium something special.[1]

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