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    Echinodorus Red Special

    Echinodorus Red Special


    Origin / Breeder : TROPICA, Denmark

    Rosette broad-leaved Plant color: bright red Optional: suitable for beginners Additional fertilization is recommended

    Echinodorus Red is a special medium-sized rhizome plant. Underwater leaf blade on the leaf stalk up to 10 cm, from obovate to obovate, narrow, 15 - 20 cm long, 6 - 8 cm wide, bright from reddish brown to dark red with light veins, faintly mottled, old leaves greenish. Growth height 15 - 30 cm flower stalks with daughter plants. It is a compact, fast-growing, very decorative variety. An intensively light and nutrient-rich soil and soft to hard CO2-saturated water are recommended. In the aquarium, it is found as a plant solitary in the middle ground.[1][2]

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