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    Echinodorus Red Rubin

    Echinodorus Red Rubin


    Origin / Breeder : Hans Barth, Dessau ?

    Echinodorus Red Ruby is a beautiful and colorful plant that is ideal for adding an accent to an aquarium. These plants have short stems with large leaves that have hard yellow veins and leaves with a fine wavy texture. Red Ruby can produce leaves in a variety of colors from red, purple and gold to green or dark green. Echinodorus 'Red Rubin' reproduces by flowering shoots that form daughter plants. To speed up the formation of daughter plants, the flowering shoot must be bent towards the ground. As soon as the roots of the daughter plant have formed, it can be cut off from the flower shoot tip and planted as a separate plant. This Echinodorus is not fussy when it comes to water values, but needs nutrient-rich soil. It is recommended to additionally fertilize the plants with tableted fertilizers. No CO2 supply is required for these plants. Echinodorus is not fussy about lighting, but grows easily even under the strongest lighting. Please note that all Echinodorus are very sensitive to copper, for this reason they have a very poor attitude to medications containing this drug. The Echinodorus Ruby Bush can grow quite large, which makes them great plants for larger aquariums.[1]

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