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    Echinodorus Red Diamond

    Echinodorus Red Diamond


    Origin / Breeder : vermutl. Ukraine

    Height: 15 - 25 cm Width: 20 - 30 cm Growth rate: Medium Temperature: 15 - 30 °C pH: 6.0 - 8.0 CO2 input: 6 - 14 mg/l

    Echinodorus Red Diamond is a hybrid form between Echinodorus horemanni Red and Echinodorus Barthii . The hybridization has resulted in an attractive plant with ruby-red leaves that reach a length of 25 cm Echinodorus Red Diamond Unlike most other Echinodorus species, Echinodorus Red Diamond is small (usually 20-30 cm wide) and is therefore very suitable as a single plant, even for small aquaria. In large aquaria, this plant looks best when planted in small groups (5-6 bushes). Growing in the middle ground, Echinodorus Red Diamond brings contrast and vibrancy to the monotonous green wall of plants in the background thanks to its bright colors. Contents This plant is quite easy to care for. Suitable for growing in warm and tropical aquaria at water temperatures of 20-28°C. Water values are not so important, the bush grows well in both soft and hard water with different pH values. The lighting is bright, from 0.5 W per liter of water. High lighting contributes to the formation of the ruby red color of the leaves, for which this is the Echinodorus species and is grown. Echinodorus Red Diamond A medium-grained growing medium is best suited as soil. And an additional mineral root treatment stimulates plant development well. Like most members of this species, Echinodorus Red Diamond propagates by root cuttings and by daughter plants that form on flowering shoots. Under favorable conditions, flowering occurs frequently, so you can even try to obtain seeds. Before planting a new adult plant, its roots are thoroughly washed and pruned a little. The outer large leaves are removed, after planting new leaves develop quite quickly.[1]

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