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    Echinodorus Red Condor

    Echinodorus Red Condor


    Hybrid of Echinodorus uruguayensis and Echinodorus aschersonianus)Aquarium location: soil. Maximum size: 50 cm Recommended temperature: 22-28 ° C. Withstands temperature drops of up to 20 ° C. Water acidity (pH): 6.5-7.5 Water carbonate hardness (dKH): 5-10 °. Lighting: 0.6 W / L. Depending on the light intensity, the color of the leaves ranges from bright red-brown to dark red; in low light they turn green. Duration of daylight hours: 12 hours. Special requirements: CO2, Fe Nutrients are extracted by the plant from: Soil. Content: Very showy plant. Looks most interesting surrounded by light and dark green plants. It grows all year round. Reproduction: by daughter plants on flowering shoots or by division of the rhizome.[1]

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