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    Echinodorus Quadricolor

    Echinodorus Quadricolor


    Origin / Breeder : Golden Leaf Farm, Java

    Plant color: light green

    red color of young leaves

    age spots on young leaves

    Pigmentation of part of the leaf plate


    Echinodorus Quadricolor is a hybrid of the Indonesian nursery.

    It was first mentioned in May 2011 at

    In the picture, of course, it's just handsome. But getting a copy like this is quite problematic.

    Echinodorus Quadricolor is not easy to care for, it only requires growing media and the addition of micronutrient fertilizers to the water. The brighter the lighting, the brighter the color.

    Its size is average - up to 20 ... 25 cm The growth rate cannot be described as fast, it develops confidently but not hastily[1]


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