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    Echinodorus Panagabri

    Echinodorus Panagabri


    Origin / Breeder : Boris Panyukov, Moscow

    Named after the Czech aquarists Pavle and Nadia Gabrielovs, originally called "Red Scaber" and similar to Echinodorus scaber, but with a beautiful brown spot on red young leaves.

    Echinodorus Panagabri refers to large, vigorous plants. The leaves are broad, but there are only a few of them only 10 - 15 on an adult plant. The height of the bush strongly depends on the lighting and the length of daylight.

    Plant type: rosette with oval leaves Plant color: dark green red color of young leaves, pigment spots on young leaves, pigmentation of part of the leaf plate

    Zusätzlich: für Anfänger geeignet, zusätzliche Düngung empfohlen, mittlere Beleuchtung, starke Beleuchtung[1]

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