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    Echinodorus Osiris Doppel Rot

    Echinodorus Osiris Doppel Rot


    Origin / Breeder : Julius Hoechstetter, Trostberg [1]

    Dennerle plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves broad-leaved Plant color: greenish-red Additional: suitable for beginners recommended additional fertilization, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus Osiris Double Red grows very well in the aquarium. It is not picky about the keeping conditions. Accepts water from medium hard to hard. But in nutrient medium Echinodorus Osiris Double Red becomes stronger. It responds well to the introduction of trace elements into the water and the supply of CO2. The lighting is of special importance. At medium light intensity it is difficult to achieve a bright color of the leaves, and the plant stretches upwards. In strong light, Echinodorus Osiris Double Red takes on beautiful reddish-brown tones and becomes a conspicuous spot in the greenery of the aquarium.[2]

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