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    Echinodorus Miranda


    Origin / Breeder : Sergey Fomin (Hirurg), Jaroslawl

    According to the author: "The story of obtaining this hybrid is quite funny. It is a relative of my hybrids Vera, Nadezhda and Lyubov. After this trinity was selected from the thicket of newly appeared hybrids, the culling was simply eliminated due to lack of space. I was too lazy to drain the water and wash the cuvette, which I use to germinate the seeds. Then the hands didn't reach it. Took the cuvette out into the fresh air in May so it didn't get underfoot, with the intention of washing it afterwards for new experiments. About a week ago, I discovered that several more plants had grown, one of which seemed quite interesting to me. It was given the name "Miranda."[1]

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