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    Echinodorus Michurinets

    Echinodorus Michurinets


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Echinodorus Michurinets - description from the author's words:[1]

    The color of mystery.

    A fairly old hybrid, already about 7 years old. At first glance it looks very similar to a Maghrebian. Differences - the leaf is broader, the leaf tip is not so clearly twisted into a corkscrew, the wave at the edge is weaker and the bush is generally slightly taller and more vigorous. The leaves are also tough and the petiole is green or dirty green. When properly cultivated, all leaves have a rich dark beet, almost purple, color, solid or with lighter beetroot colors, opaque, and the color of the leaves does not depend at all on the temperature and is 30 grams. the bush looks the same. It grows an average of one leaf per week, the old ones turn brown, but there are not many of them. It reproduces both from root daughter plants and from daughter plants on a flowering shoot. The flowers are white but never open and dry out in the form of bumps. There are up to 8 babies on a flowering shoot. With a strong effect it can come out of the water and become an inconspicuous plantain, but this is unlikely in amateur aquariums. Mitschurins will not leave anyone indifferent, and in my opinion, this hybrid is truly the flagship of the red-brown Echinodorus in the world today.

    What about proper cultivation? I have to be honest. I'm not an ace at cultivating Echinodorus ... I mean lighting. if you grow Michurinets under a combination of lamps: Osram Flora plus Osram 830. then it will be the darkest color. shorter. loves warmer.... Well, no other special requirements. although I haven't experimented with it.

    We have Echinodorus Michurinets in culture not too long ago. In fact, this is a unique Echinodorus, it cannot be compared to any other, no other has such an extraordinary color.

    We present our observations and keeping conditions

    It grows steadily in the water, fast enough. Its characteristic dark beet color is obtained by intense lighting and the use of a nutritious substrate. we grow Echinodorus in pots. It is quite neutral to water parameters, it grows in water of medium hardness, pH 6.8-7.8, temperature 22-24 ° C.[2]

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