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    Echinodorus Mercury


    Origin / Breeder : Sergey Fomin (Hirurg), Jaroslawl

    From the author's words: I am showing another promising plant in my opinion. I have named it "mercury". How did I like it? The dynamics of leaf color throughout life. The leaf is reddish at first and gradually turns brown. The leaf veins are more intensely colored, only in old ones do they become lighter. Gradually the leaf lightens, becoming a dirty brownish green. Pure green, not even on old leaves.

    My Echinodorus Mercury at the age of 1 year before forcing. Maximum size up to 20 cm, medium plan. It did not breed under water.

    Medium sized plant 20-25 cm.[1]

    Lighting requirements: Medium

    Temperature: 22-30°C

    Water: Soft to hard

    Fertilization: Not required

    Description: Medium-sized Echinodorus with light green oval leaves. Reaches a height of up to 20-25 centimeters. Due to its low requirements, it is suitable for almost any aquarium.

    Planting: Individual plants should be planted at the back or in the middle of the aquarium so that they have enough space to develop freely.

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