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    Echinodorus Mercedes


    Origin / Breeder : Czech Republic

    Echinodorus Mercedes is slightly larger than the Little Bear, the leaves are broader, the bush is spreading. Underwater leaves are approx. 15 - 25 cm long, petioles 6 - 8 cm long. Leaf stalks and leaves are first dark red, then olive, then dark green Red flower stalk has 3 to 4 knees.

    Echinodorus Mercedes is a hybrid, probably a Czech cultivar. A very interesting Echinodorus, similar in appearance and color to Echinodorus Small Bear, does not grow taller than 25 cm, bears many leaves and spreads bush. In cultivation, Echinodorus Mercedes is unpretentious, the growth rate is average. Description: Hybrid with oval greenish-red leaves. Young leaves are red. Echinodorus Mercedes reaches a height of no more than 25 cm, bears many leaves.[1]

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