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    Echinodorus Malchish-Kibalchish

    Echinodorus Malchish-Kibalchish


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Author's description: Non-commercial Echinodorus. Spreading, rather narrow-leaved, fast-growing. Its height is about 25 cm, the leaves are on short petioles, their width is usually 2-3 cm, have a wave at the edge. It shows its original color if you feed it with inorganic fertilizers, while it is painted in a pleasant brown color of the original shade, golden veins. With good care, there are practically no green leaves. Organic matter makes it easier, but you still can't confuse it with anyone. When growing root children, and even then reluctantly. Unkillable, won't slide anywhere, tolerates shade.[1]

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