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    Echinodorus Lantau Lady

    Echinodorus Lantau Lady


    Origin / Breeder : Plant Delights Nursery Inc./Juniper Level Botanic Garden

    Echinodorus bracteatus 'Lantau Lady' is a new introduction from Plant Delights Nursery in 2018, originally discovered by plant expert Alan Galloway on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. We didn't think it was strange until we discovered that Echinodorus bracteatus is native to Central America and northern South America... that's quite a journey. We've been growing it in our bog garden since 2007, where it thrives and forms a 180 cm tall specimen with strong, glossy green leaves 50 cm long and 30 cm wide with a sculptural texture on sturdy stems. From June to October, the clumps are crowned with white flower spikes over 2 m high, each followed by small plants, but no seeds. In ten years, our bed has spread to a width of 4.5 m. Echinodorus 'Lantau Lady' really is a spectacular border planting or a fully-fledged water plant.[1]

    However, the plant can currently only be found in the site's archive.