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    Echinodorus Kindness of the Sand Man

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk


    Maximum height: 45 cm

    Echinodorus Friendliness of the Sandman has a relatively compact bush that does not spread, upright. Leaves that reach the surface lie down, thereby increasing the surface area of the rosette. Leaves up to 40 cm long and up to 20 cm wide. Young leaves are pale yellow without spots. The leaf does not turn green immediately. Echinodorus tends to come to the surface, but is submerged for a long time. Reproduction by daughter plants on flowering shoots and root shoots.[1]

    The friendliness of the sandman differs from the rest of the Echinodorus by an almost snow-white young leaf. Under favorable conditions, 3 - 4 leaves can hold such a color.[2]

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