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    Echinodorus Joyo Red Star

    Echinodorus Joyo Red Star


    Origin / Breeder : Golden Leaf Farm, Java

    Origin: cultivated form Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: purple Additional: suitable for beginners additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus Joyo Red Star is a medium-sized hybrid, its height is approx. 20-25 cm Leaves are broadly lanceolate, smooth at the base and merge into a short petiole. The color of the leaves is deep dark red. Lighter colored veins stand out clearly on the leaf plate. Red Star is not whimsical enough when grown with Echinodorus Joyo. Water values are not really important. But with the addition of trace elements to the water and the presence of nutrient soil, it develops faster and the color of the plant becomes more expressive. The brightness of the color also depends on the intensity of the lighting. The growth rate is average.[1]

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