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    Echinodorus Jaguar


    Origin / Breeder :

    Hans Barth

    Tibor Schmidt 2003

    There are now 3 versions of this plant.

    The one presented here by Hans Barth, one found in a Hungarian store by Tibor Schmidt and one by Boris Panyukov.

    Echinodorus Jaguar - low maintenance, recommended for beginner aquarists. Elongated, rounded leaves at the ends are slightly wider, light green in color. reddish brown spots are scattered unevenly on the leaf plate - this pattern gave the plant its name - Echinodorus Jaguar .

    In the water Echinodorus Jaguar does not grow large, its size is up to 30 cm, this allows its use in small aquariums.

    The main condition for its successful growth is bright lighting, it does not require water parameters.

    Echinodorus Jaguar has a very low growth rate.

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