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    Echinodorus Irina


    Origin / Breeder : Boris Vasilyevich Panyukov (Russland)

    A young leaf with yellow coloration and a small spot that disappears almost completely when the leaf matures. The length of the leaf plate is 20-25 cm, the width 12-15 cm, the petiole is shorter (approx. 2/3) of the leaf length. The leaves are very tough, slightly wavy. The rosette is very dense, it can hold a phenomenal number of leaves at the same time (in almost two years I have not removed a single bad leaf). Even from shallow depths it does not try to get out of the water, as soon as the leaf reaches the surface it immediately starts to wrap itself under water. The content is not whimsical. It grows at a rate of 1 leaf per week.the veins on the back of the leaf are covered with many very stiff bristles. Moreover, not only longitudinally, but also transversely. When you run your hand over the leaf, there is a complete sensation of contact with sandpaper.[1]

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